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For desktops and laptop computers, visit Safe Search Kids to filter search results. We also offer a more simple theme with less graphics and no resource articles. You can find it at These sites also work on tablets, but keep reading to learn more about our safe search app.

The Safe Kids App provides additional security on mobile devices by preventing access to the unfiltered web while using the app.

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Our website provided filtered Google search on any browser and on any device, with mobile versions available. For ease of use on mobile devices outside of a browser, we recommend you download our Safe Search App. The app can be more secure because users are always browsing the web within the safety of the app, as opposed to our desktop and lap browsers that do not prevent users from going to another search tool, such as Google’s main unfiltered page.

Download the Safe Search App for Kids: Choose Your Device!

Since the dawn of the internet, parents and teachers have been in search of a safe kids browser that protects kids from harmful material, whether it be through search or unsafe ads on seemingly innocent websites. Safe Search is a great tool for use within your existing browser as long as you are searching from a designated website featuring search filtering.

Safe Search for Schools: We have also been asked by educators to provide a website that is not geared specifically to kids. For our neutral website theme, visit Safe Search for Schools!

Your Google Education: Browse our resources to find everything you wanted to learn about Google in one place – including ‘how to videos’ to improve your Google knowledge.

How to Use This Site:
Browse the Google Education navigation list to the right of this page for quick links to Google tools and resources – including informational videos on Google Products and each Google feature.

This site has been designed to help you get the most out of your Google Search experience – including Google software installations.

The Top 5 Most “Searched For” Google Tools:

  1. Google Maps: Online maps & satellite views. (Google Mobile App).
  2. Google Translate: Free online language translation for text & websites.
  3. Google Earth: Software installation for satellite views worldwide.
  4. Google Chrome: Google’s own web browser.
  5. Google Images: Custom search of images.

Following close behind in the number of online searches for Google products are Google Scholar, Google Analytics and Google Mail (gmail)*.

*This is not to imply that gmail is used less frequently than some of they other Google tools, it simply means that there are more searches for other Google resources. More than likely, the reason is because gmail can be accessed from Google’s home page without the need to search for it.

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As you can see from the navigation list on the right, Google offers a wide range of resources and applications to enhance your search experience.

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