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Google safe search has been around for years as a safe alternative to regular search listings through any browser, including Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. It’s not perfect, so for complete safety explore parental control software – providing a complete barrier between your child and unsafe material on the internet.

Google Safe SearchGoogle SafeSearch is Active with Strict Filtering



Since the dawn of the internet, parents and teachers have been in search of a safe kids browser that protects kids from harmful material, whether it be through search or unsafe ads on seemingly innocent websites.

Why is a Safe Kids Browser Important? SafeSearch is a great tool for use within your existing browser as long as you are searching from our website. Even then, it is not perfect. Google filters out explicit content, but does not provide a ‘blanket blocking’ of url’s for search terms.

Safe Search Kids has been happy to provide quality safe search engines for kids of all ages. We have recently expanded our mission to bring you a kids safe browser for increased online security. This provides a safe haven for kids throughout the entire internet.

Outside of a safe kids browser that is specifically designed to protect kids from harmful content on the internet, it is very difficult to guarantee complete security – even when you turn safe search on. KIDO’Z is the safe browser that removes these risks in a way the gives kids sufficient freedom within parental controls, while blocking inappropriate websites including text and images.

If you are at home and only need to install a safe kids browser on one or two computes, then the stand alone KIDO’Z Software is a good option. On the other hand, if you are in a school with multiple computers it becomes very difficult to facilitate the installation of a new browser on every computer.

Safe Search SafeSearch Tool for Kids

Many schools have chosen Safe Search for Kids as their default home page to implement safe search without changing any settings, but it is not perfect in regards to protecting kids from every single questionable website online. For those who only have to worry about one or two computers in a home, the KIDO’Z Safe Kids Browser provides many safety features.

Parents and Teachers:  Bookmark one of our safe search engines listed below to ensure automatic ‘strict filtering’ using our Google SafeSearch Tools.

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Safe Search for Kids

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